Focus on Prayer

There is a community prayer request box in front of the church at the corner of Dolphin Ave and Down

Mat and Tori Pope - Continued strength and blessings
Growth of our church

Seven at Seven - Pray for the community

Military - for their safety and return home
First responders - for their safety

Sherryl McGinley - Healing from cancer

Jackie Chambers - Healing from cancer
Ruth Glover - Healing from a broken Hip
Christie Hammerslaugh - Healing from cancer
Rachael Keel - Healing from cancer
Mary Beth Lannon - Neuropathy and other effects from Diabetes -  Chronic Pain
E.J. McIntyre - Healing from cancer
Steven Oliver - Healing from cancer
Ron Pope - Healing from addiction
Dan Ryan - Dealing with Alzheimer's
Timmy Singleton - Healing from cancer
Beth Summers - Healing from cancer

Bill Summers - Recovery from Knee Surgery
Maureen Rowe - Healing and strength while dealing with cancer

Ron Suburu - West Nile Virus
Donna Skurlock - West Nile Virus

Military Family

Tim Baur                                             

Nathan Burrougs
Lindsay Collins                                  

Joshua Stowell ​   
Ryan Deering                                     

Cory Donnally

James Duckworth                              

Bryan Eck

John Higgins                                      

Mike Higgins Jr

Ryley Jamie                                        

Jennifer Rowe

John Katzenberger                            

Mary Katzenberger

Joshua Shepherd                              

Mathew Reichers
Patrick A Madden 

Joseph Soucie